Cutting Edge


and carefully crafted

That's right! We pride ourselves on being engineers and computer scientists. We help you take on the most ambitious projects, and we do it right.

Web Apps


as modern as it gets

Highly interactive pages... API integration... Social networking... RIAs... Cloud hosted... High-traffic... SaaS platforms... We're good at all these things!

Mobile Apps


iPhone, iPad, and more

User interface design + server-side integration



Understanding each other

Understanding each other is crucial to building what you and your customers need.



A little goes a long way!

We've developed a very efficient combination of waterfall and agile methodologies. That's how we hit the sweet spot on the complex trade-off between feature set, development cost and time.



by the best experts

We work with U.S. and Canadian consultants of the highest caliber. They provide us with expert capability in user experience, graphic design, SEO and SMO, business analysis, and more.

Who We Are:

Based in Calgary, Alberta (Canada), we provide services to our clients in North America and Europe.

We have a succesful track record of enabling web 2.0 start-ups with custom-built public-facing sites. We also build new products for existing businesses, for internal and public use.

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What`s New?

January 2011 Logimake teams up with Adeas, an established graphic design firm. August 2010 We welcome a new developer to our team, Gary Wu. Gary graduated from the Universirty of British Columbia with a degree in Computer Science.